Rental Property Management at the Flat Fee of $80 per Month. No Kidding.

Our Experience

We are a new company, but we are far from new at Rental Property Management. Right Now Rental Management policies, procedures, and methods have been developed over forty years of trial and error, successes and failures, profits and losses. And, now? Now we know what to do and how to do it. You will benefit from that experience whether you be Owner, Tenant, or Repairman. If you are looking for a Rental Property Management Company In Arkansas, give us a call!

Why Us?

We will save you money. Period, full stop. Our flat fee charge (instead of the usual ten or twelve percent)  gets the ball rolling. Scheduled preventative maintenance and in-depth inspections keep small problems from becoming large expenses. Rigorous tenant screening, rewards, and vigorous rent collection make us the Rental Management company that’s looking toward the future. 

We do not manage weekend rentals, and we do not “list and sell.” We handle long term rentals only, and we do that because it is the best way we can help our Owners make a profit. For the same reasons that a quarterback does not play linebacker, we specialize. And, with that specialty comes expertise. Expertise that puts money in everyone’s pocket. 

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Take Advantage Of Our Flat Fee Rental Management Offer

We charge a FLAT FEE of $80 per month, per property...for the FIRST 3 YEARS! Contact us RIGHT NOW, and lock in this deal! (Rental Property Management in Hot Springs, Benton, Little Rock, and Surrounding Areas.)

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Right Now Rental Management. Real Estate Investment in Arkansas.

It's all about the numbers.

We'll find it, help you buy it, and manage it for you. This is how we examine an investment.

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